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2023EZONE_10th_Anniv CW Final

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv CW Preliminary

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv DD Final

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv DD Preliminary

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv DL Final

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv DL Preliminary

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv DS Final

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv DS Preliminary

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv DY Final

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv DY Preliminary

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv SS Final

2023EZONE_10th_Anniv SS Preliminary

2023OSYC FreeStyle

2023JJ Compulsory Trick

2023JJ OpenA

2023JJ Stage Event

2023World 1A Preliminary

2023World 2A Preliminary

2023World 3A Preliminary

2023World 4A Preliminary

2023World 5A Preliminary

2023World 1A Final

2023World 1A SemiFinal

2023World 1A WildCard

2023World 2A Final

2023World 2A SemiFinal

2023World 2A WildCard

2023World 3A Final

2023World 3A SemiFinal

2023World 3A WildCard

2023World 4A Final

2023World 4A SemiFinal

2023World 4A WildCard

2023World 5A Final

2023World 5A SemiFinal

2023World 5A WildCard

2023World AP Final

2023World Champions

2023World Over40 Master

2023World Over40 Open

2023World Women

202306 SpinGearCup Free Performance

2023JN 1A Final

2023JN 1A SemiFinal

2023JN 1A WildCard

2023JN 2A Final

2023JN 2A SemiFinal

2023JN 2A WildCard

2023JN 3A Final

2023JN 3A SemiFinal

2023JN 3A WildCard

2023JN 4A Final

2023JN 4A SemiFinal

2023JN 4A WildCard

2023JN 5A Final

2023JN 5A SemiFinal

2023JN 5A WildCard

2023JN Awards Ceremony

2023JN Compulsory Trick

2023JN International Open Final

2023JN International Open Preliminary

2023JN Over40

2023JN Sponsor Stage

2023JN Stage Event

2023JN Women

2023NJ 1A Final

2023NJ 1A Preliminary

2023NJ 2A Final

2023NJ 2A Preliminary

2023NJ 3A Final

2023NJ 3A Preliminary

2023NJ 4A Final

2023NJ 4A Preliminary

2023NJ 5A Final

2023NJ 5A Preliminary

2023NJ Awards Ceremony

2023NJ B Division

2023NJ Compulsory Trick

2023NJ Stage Event

2023EJ 1A Final

2023EJ 1A Preliminary

2023EJ 2A Final

2023EJ 2A Preliminary

2023EJ 3A Final

2023EJ 3A Preliminary

2023EJ 4A Final

2023EJ 4A Preliminary

2023EJ 5A Final

2023EJ 5A Preliminary

2023EJ Awards Ceremony

2023EJ B Division

2023EJ Compulsory Trick

2023EJ Stage Event

2023SJ 1A Final

2023SJ 1A Preliminary

2023SJ 2A Final

2023SJ 2A Preliminary

2023SJ 3A Final

2023SJ 3A Preliminary

2023SJ 4A Final

2023SJ 4A Preliminary

2023SJ 5A Final

2023SJ 5A Preliminary

2023SJ Awards Ceremony

2023SJ B Division

2023SJ Compulsory Trick

2023SJ Stage Event

2023CJ 1A Final

2023CJ 1A Preliminary

2023CJ 2A Final

2023CJ 2A Preliminary

2023CJ 3A Final

2023CJ 3A Preliminary

2023CJ 4A Final

2023CJ 4A Preliminary

2023CJ 5A Final

2023CJ 5A Preliminary

2023CJ Awards Ceremony

2023CJ B Division

2023CJ Compulsory Trick

2023CJ Stage Event

2023WJ 1A Final

2023WJ 1A Preliminary

2023WJ 2A Final

2023WJ 2A Preliminary

2023WJ 3A Final

2023WJ 3A Preliminary

2023WJ 4A Final

2023WJ 4A Preliminary

2023WJ 5A Final

2023WJ 5A Preliminary

2023WJ Awards Ceremony

2023WJ B Division

2023WJ Compulsory Trick

2023WJ Stage Event

2022AXELYC 1A Final

2022AXELYC 1A Preliminary

2022AXELYC 2A Final

2022AXELYC 2A Preliminary

2022AXELYC 3A Final

2022AXELYC 3A Preliminary

2022AXELYC 4A Final

2022AXELYC 4A Preliminary

2022AXELYC 5A Final

2022AXELYC 5A Preliminary

2022AXELYC Amateur

2022AXELYC Demo

2022AXELYC Over30

2022AXELYC Stage Event

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 CW Preliminary

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 DD Final

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 DD Preliminary

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 DL Final

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 DL Preliminary

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 DS Final

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 DS Preliminary

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 DY Final

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 DY Preliminary


2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 Final CW

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 SS Final

2022EZONE_BLOCK_9 SS Preliminary

2022NJ 1A Final

2022NJ 1A Preliminary

2022NJ 2A Final

2022NJ 2A Preliminary

2022NJ 3A Final

2022NJ 3A Preliminary

2022NJ 4A Final

2022NJ 4A Preliminary

2022NJ 5A Final

2022NJ 5A Preliminary

2022NJ B

2022NJ Compulsory Trick

2022NJ Stage Event

2022JJ Compulsory Trick

2022JJ OpenA

2022JJ Stage Event

2022EJ 1A Final

2022EJ 1A Preliminary

2022EJ 2A Final

2022EJ 2A Preliminary

2022EJ 3A Final

2022EJ 3A Preliminary

2022EJ 4A Final

2022EJ 4A Preliminary

2022EJ 5A Final

2022EJ 5A Preliminary

2022EJ B

2022EJ Compulsory Trick

2022EJ Sponsor Stage

2022EJ Stage Event

2022JN 1A Final

2022JN 1A SemiFinal

2022JN 1A WildCard

2022JN 2A Final

2022JN 2A SemiFinal

2022JN 2A WildCard

2022JN 3A Final

2022JN 3A SemiFinal

2022JN 3A WildCard

2022JN 4A Final

2022JN 4A SemiFinal

2022JN 4A WildCard

2022JN 5A Final

2022JN 5A SemiFinal

2022JN 5A WildCard

2022JN Awards Ceremony

2022JN Compulsory Trick

2022JN Over40

2022JN Sponsor Stage

2022JN Stage Event

2022JN Women

20220611SpinGearCup FreeStyle

2021JJ OpenA

2022CJ 1A Final

2022CJ 1A Preliminary

2022CJ 2A Final

2022CJ 2A Preliminary

2022CJ 3A Final

2022CJ 3A Preliminary

2022CJ 4A Final

2022CJ 4A Preliminary

2022CJ 5A Final

2022CJ 5A Preliminary

2022CJ Awards Ceremony

2022CJ B

2022CJ Compulsory Trick

2022CJ Stage Event

2022SJ 1A Final

2022SJ 1A Preliminary

2022SJ 2A Final

2022SJ 2A Preliminary

2022SJ 3A Final

2022SJ 3A Preliminary

2022SJ 4A Final

2022SJ 4A Preliminary

2022SJ 5A Final

2022SJ 5A Preliminary

2022SJ Awards Ceremony

2022SJ B

2022SJ Compulsory Trick

2022SJ Stage Event

2022WJ 1A Final

2022WJ 1A Preliminary

2022WJ 2A Final

2022WJ 2A Preliminary

2022WJ 3A Final

2022WJ 3A Preliminary

2022WJ 4A Final

2022WJ 4A Preliminary

2022WJ 5A Final

2022WJ 5A Preliminary

2022WJ Awards Ceremony

2022WJ B

2022WJ Stage Event

2021SJ 1A Final

2021SJ 1A Preliminary

2021SJ 2A Final

2021SJ 2A Preliminary

2021SJ 3A Final

2021SJ 3A Preliminary

2021SJ 4A Final

2021SJ 4A Preliminary

2021SJ 5A Final

2021SJ 5A Preliminary

2021SJ B

2021SJ Stage Event

2021NJ 1A Final

2021NJ 1A Preliminary

2021NJ 2A Final

2021NJ 2A Preliminary

2021NJ 3A Final

2021NJ 3A Preliminary

2021NJ 4A Final

2021NJ 4A Preliminary

2021NJ 5A Final

2021NJ 5A Preliminary

2021NJ B

2021NJ Compulsory Trick

2021NJ Stage Event

2021CJ 1A Final

2021CJ 1A Preliminary

2021CJ 2A Final

2021CJ 2A Preliminary

2021CJ 3A Final

2021CJ 3A Preliminary

2021CJ 4A Final

2021CJ 4A Preliminary

2021CJ 5A Final

2021CJ 5A Preliminary

2021CJ B

2021CJ Compulsory Trick

2021CJ Stage Event









2021JN 1A Final

2021JN 1A SemiFinal

2021JN 1A WildCard

2021JN 2A Final

2021JN 2A SemiFinal

2021JN 2A WildCard

2021JN 3A Final

2021JN 3A SemiFinal

2021JN 4A Final

2021JN 4A SemiFinal

2021JN 5A Final

2021JN 5A SemiFinal

2021JN 5A WildCard

2021JN Awards Ceremony

2021JN Closing Ceremony

2021JN Over40

2021JN Result Announcement

2021JN Stage Event


2021EJ 1A Final

2021EJ 1A Preliminary

2021EJ 2A Final

2021EJ 2A Preliminary

2021EJ 3A Final

2021EJ 3A Preliminary

2021EJ 4A Final

2021EJ 4A Preliminary

2021EJ 5A Final

2021EJ 5A Preliminary

2021EJ B

2021EJ Compulsory Trick

2021EJ Stage Event

2021WJ 1A Final

2021WJ 1A Preliminary

2021WJ 2A Final

2021WJ 2A Preliminary

2021WJ 3A Final

2021WJ 3A Preliminary

2021WJ 4A Final

2021WJ 4A Preliminary

2021WJ 5A Final

2021WJ 5A Preliminary

2021WJ B

2021WJ Stage Event

2021JL OL-B

2017World 1A Final

2017World 1A Preliminary

2017World 1A SemiFinal

2017World 1A WildCard

2017World 2A Final

2017World 2A Preliminary

2017World 2A SemiFinal

2017World 3A Final

2017World 3A Preliminary

2017World 3A SemiFinal

2017World 4A Final

2017World 4A Preliminary

2017World 4A SemiFinal

2017World 5A Final

2017World 5A Preliminary

2017World 5A SemiFinal

2017World AP Final

2017World Award Ceremony

2017World OVER40

2017World SPINTOP

2017World WOMEN

2020EZONE_BLOCK7 Awards Ceremony


2020EZONE_BLOCK7 CW Preliminary


2020EZONE_BLOCK7 DD Preliminary


2020EZONE_BLOCK7 DL Preliminary


2020EZONE_BLOCK7 DS Preliminary


2020EZONE_BLOCK7 DY Preliminary

2020EZONE_BLOCK7 Result Announcement


2020EZONE_BLOCK7 SS Preliminary

2020EZONE_BLOCK7 Sponsor Stage

2020JN 1A Final

2020JN 1A SemiFinal

2020JN 1A WildCard

2020JN 2A Final

2020JN 2A SemiFinal

2020JN 3A Final

2020JN 3A SemiFinal

2020JN 3A WildCard

2020JN 4A Final

2020JN 4A SemiFinal

2020JN 4A WildCard

2020JN 5A Final

2020JN 5A SemiFinal

2020JN Awards Ceremony

2020JN Compulsory Trick

2020JN Over40

2020JN Result Announcement


2020BNYC 1A Final

2020BNYC 1A Preliminary

2020BNYC 2A Final

2020BNYC 3A Final

2020BNYC 4A Final

2020BNYC 5A Final

2020JJ 1A Final

2020JJ 1A Preliminary

2020JJ 2A Final

2020JJ 2A Preliminary

2020JJ 3A Final

2020JJ 3A Preliminary

2020JJ 4A Final

2020JJ 4A Preliminary

2020JJ 5A Final

2020JJ 5A Preliminary

2020JJ Awards Ceremony

2020JJ Compulsory Trick

2020JJ Stage Event

2020NJ B

2020NJ 1A Final

2020NJ 1A Preliminary

2020NJ 2A Final

2020NJ 2A Preliminary

2020NJ 3A Final

2020NJ 3A Preliminary

2020NJ 4A Final

2020NJ 4A Preliminary

2020NJ 5A Final

2020NJ 5A Preliminary

2020NJ Stage Event

2010World_Yo-Yo_Contest Final_Round

2009World_Yo-Yo_Contest Final_Round

2019JJ 1A Final

2019JJ 2A Final

2019JJ 3A Final

2019JJ 4A Final

2019JJ 5A Final

2019JJ Award Ceremony

2019JJ Compulsory Trick

2019JJ Result Announcement

2019JJ Stage Event

yoyovideoarchive Vertical_Video

2019EZONE_BLOCK6 Awards Ceremony


2019EZONE_BLOCK6 CW Preliminary


2019EZONE_BLOCK6 DD Preliminary


2019EZONE_BLOCK6 DL Preliminary


2019EZONE_BLOCK6 DS Preliminary


2019EZONE_BLOCK6 DY Preliminary

2019EZONE_BLOCK6 Result Announcement


2019EZONE_BLOCK6 SS Preliminary

2019EZONE_BLOCK6 Sponsor Stage

2019EZONE_BLOCK6 Stage Event

2019SWAG Awards Ceremony

2019SWAG DL Final

2019SWAG DL Preliminary


2019SWAG LP Challenge

2019SWAG OS Final

2019SWAG OS Preliminary

2019SWAG SS Final

2019SWAG SS Preliminary

2019SWAG X Final

2019SWAG X Preliminary

2020EJ 1A Final

2020EJ 1A Preliminary

2020EJ 2A Final

2020EJ 2A Preliminary

2020EJ 3A Final

2020EJ 3A Preliminary

2020EJ 4A Final

2020EJ 4A Preliminary

2020EJ 5A Final

2020EJ 5A Preliminary

2020EJ Awards Ceremony

2020EJ B

2020EJ Compulsory Trick

2020EJ Stage Event

2020WJ 1A Final

2020WJ 1A Preliminary

2020WJ 2A Final

2020WJ 2A Preliminary

2020WJ 3A Final

2020WJ 3A Preliminary

2020WJ 4A Final

2020WJ 4A Preliminary

2020WJ 5A Final

2020WJ 5A Preliminary

2020WJ B

2020WJ Compulsory Trick

2020WJ Stage Event

2020CJ 1A Final

2020CJ 1A Preliminary

2020CJ 2A Final

2020CJ 2A Preliminary

2020CJ 3A Final

2020CJ 3A Preliminary

2020CJ 4A Final

2020CJ 4A Preliminary

2020CJ 5A Final

2020CJ 5A Preliminary

2020CJ Awards Ceremony

2020CJ B

2020CJ Compulsory Trick

2020CJ Stage Event

2020SJ 1A Final

2020SJ 1A Preliminary

2020SJ 2A Final

2020SJ 2A Preliminary

2020SJ 3A Final

2020SJ 3A Preliminary

2020SJ 4A Final

2020SJ 4A Preliminary

2020SJ 5A Final

2020SJ 5A Preliminary

2020SJ Awards Ceremony

2020SJ B

2020SJ Stage Event

2019World 1A Final

2019World 1A Preliminary

2019World 1A SemiFinal

2019World 1A WildCard

2019World 2A Final

2019World 2A Preliminary

2019World 2A SemiFinal

2019World 3A Final

2019World 3A Preliminary

2019World 3A SemiFinal

2019World 4A Final

2019World 4A Preliminary

2019World 4A SemiFinal

2019World 5A Final

2019World 5A Preliminary

2019World 5A SemiFinal

2019World AP Final

2019World Award Ceremony

2019World Over40

2019World SPINTOP Final

2019World Sponsor Stage

2019World WOMEN Final

2019Fukuoka_YoYo_Contest 1A

2019Fukuoka_YoYo_Contest 2A

2019Fukuoka_YoYo_Contest 3A

2019Fukuoka_YoYo_Contest 4A

2019Fukuoka_YoYo_Contest 5A

2019Fukuoka_YoYo_Contest Awards Ceremony

2019Fukuoka_YoYo_Contest Stage Event

2019Niigata_Yo-Yo_Contest 1A Final

2019Niigata_Yo-Yo_Contest 2A Final

2019Niigata_Yo-Yo_Contest X Final

2019JN 1A Final

2019JN 1A SemiFinal

2019JN 1A WildCard

2019JN 2A Final

2019JN 2A SemiFinal

2019JN 2A WildCard

2019JN 3A Final

2019JN 3A SemiFinal

2019JN 4A Final

2019JN 4A SemiFinal

2019JN 4A WildCard

2019JN 5A Final

2019JN 5A SemiFinal

2019JN 5A WildCard

2019JN AP Final

2019JN InternationalOpen Final

2019JN InternationalOpen Preliminary

2019JN Over40

2019JN Sponsor Stage


2016SJ 1A Final

2016SJ 1A Preliminary

2016SJ 2A Final

2016SJ 2A Preliminary

2016SJ 3A Final

2016SJ 3A Preliminary

2016SJ 4A Final

2016SJ 4A Preliminary

2016SJ 5A Final

2016SJ 5A Preliminary

2016SJ Commendation & Result

2016SJ Compulsory Trick

2016SJ Stage Event

2019AP 1A Final

2019AP 1A Preliminary

2019AP 2A Final

2019AP 2A Preliminary

2019AP 3A Final

2019AP 3A Preliminary

2019AP 4A Final

2019AP 4A Preliminary

2019AP 5A Final

2019AP 5A Preliminary

2018JN 1A Final

2018JN 1A SemiFinal


2018JN 2A Final

2018JN 2A SemiFinal

2018JN 3A Final

2018JN 3A SemiFinal

2018JN 4A Final

2018JN 4A SemiFinal

2018JN 5A Final

2018JN 5A SemiFinal

2018JN Award Ceremony

2018JN Compulsory Trick

2018JN InternationalOpen


2018JN Over40

2018JN Sponsor Stage

2018JN Stage Event

2018JN Trick Battle Tournament


2018World 1A Final

2018World 1A Preliminary

2018World 1A SemiFinal

2018World 1A WildCard Group A

2018World 1A WildCard Group B

2018World 2A Final

2018World 2A Preliminary

2018World 2A SemiFinal

2018World 2A WildCard

2018World 3A Final

2018World 3A Preliminary

2018World 3A SemiFinal

2018World 3A WildCard

2018World 4A Final

2018World 4A Preliminary

2018World 4A SemiFinal

2018World 4A WildCard

2018World 5A Final

2018World 5A Preliminary

2018World 5A SemiFinal

2018World 5A WildCard

2018World AP Final

2018World After Party

2018World Award Ceremony

2018World Opening Speech

2018World Over40

2018World Result Announcement

2018World SPINTOP Final

2018World Sponsor Stage

2018World Trick Battle Tournament

2018World WOMEN Final

2018World WOMEN Preliminary

2017EJ-B 1A Final

2017EJ-B 1A Preliminary

2017EJ-B 2A Final

2017EJ-B 2A Preliminary

2017EJ-B 3A Final

2017EJ-B 3A Preliminary

2017EJ-B 4A Final

2017EJ-B 4A Preliminary

2017EJ-B 5A Final

2017EJ-B 5A Preliminary

2017EJ-B B Division

2017EJ-B Commendation & Result

2017EJ-B Compulsory Trick

2017EJ-B Stage Event

2018Niigata_Yo-Yo_Contest 1A Final

2018Niigata_Yo-Yo_Contest 2A Final

2018Niigata_Yo-Yo_Contest Awards Ceremony

2018Niigata_Yo-Yo_Contest Sponsor Stage

2018Niigata_Yo-Yo_Contest Stage Event

2018Niigata_Yo-Yo_Contest X Final

2019SJ 1A Final

2019SJ 1A Preliminary

2019SJ 2A Final

2019SJ 2A Preliminary

2019SJ 3A Final

2019SJ 3A Preliminary

2019SJ 4A Final

2019SJ 4A Preliminary

2019SJ 5A Final

2019SJ 5A Preliminary

2019SJ Awards Ceremony

2019SJ B

2019SJ Compulsory Trick

2019SJ Stage Event

2019CJ 1A Final

2019CJ 1A Preliminary

2019CJ 2A Final

2019CJ 2A Preliminary

2019CJ 3A Final

2019CJ 3A Preliminary

2019CJ 4A Final

2019CJ 4A Preliminary

2019CJ 5A Final

2019CJ 5A Preliminary

2019CJ Awards Ceremony

2019CJ B

2019CJ Compulsory Trick

2019CJ Stage Event

2019EJ 1A Final

2019EJ 1A Preliminary

2019EJ 2A Final

2019EJ 2A Preliminary

2019EJ 3A Final

2019EJ 3A Preliminary

2019EJ 4A Final

2019EJ 4A Preliminary

2019EJ 5A Final

2019EJ 5A Preliminary

2019EJ Awards Ceremony

2019EJ B

2019EJ Stage Event

2019NJ 1A Final

2019NJ 1A Preliminary

2019NJ 2A Final

2019NJ 2A Preliminary

2019NJ 3A Final

2019NJ 3A Preliminary

2019NJ 4A Final

2019NJ 4A Preliminary

2019NJ 5A Final

2019NJ 5A Preliminary

2019NJ Awards Ceremony

2019NJ B

2019NJ Compulsory Trick

2019NJ Stage Event

2019WJ 1A Final

2019WJ 1A Preliminary

2019WJ 2A Final

2019WJ 2A Preliminary

2019WJ 3A Final

2019WJ 3A Preliminary

2019WJ 4A Final

2019WJ 4A Preliminary

2019WJ 5A Final

2019WJ 5A Preliminary

2019WJ Awards Ceremony

2019WJ B

2019WJ Compulsory Trick

2019WJ Stage Event

2018JJ Compulsory Trick

2018JJ 1A Final

2018JJ 1A Preliminary

2018JJ 2A Final

2018JJ 2A Preliminary

2018JJ 3A Final

2018JJ 3A Preliminary

2018JJ 4A Final

2018JJ 4A Preliminary

2018JJ 5A Final

2018JJ 5A Preliminary

2018JJ Result Announcement

2018JJ Stage Event

2018AP 1A Final

2018AP 1A Preliminary

2018AP 1A SemiFinal

2018AP 2A Final

2018AP 2A Preliminary

2018AP 3A Final

2018AP 3A Preliminary

2018AP 4A Final

2018AP 4A Preliminary

2018AP 5A Final

2018AP 5A Preliminary

2017AP 1A Final

2017AP 1A Preliminary

2017AP 3A Final

2017AP 4A Final

2017AP 5A Final






2018EJ 1A Final

2018EJ 1A Preliminary

2018EJ 2A Final

2018EJ 2A Preliminary

2018EJ 3A Final

2018EJ 3A Preliminary

2018EJ 4A Final

2018EJ 4A Preliminary

2018EJ 5A Final

2018EJ 5A Preliminary

2018EJ B

2018NJ 1A Final

2018NJ 1A Preliminary

2018NJ 2A Final

2018NJ 2A Preliminary

2018NJ 3A Final

2018NJ 3A Preliminary

2018NJ 4A Final

2018NJ 4A Preliminary

2018NJ 5A Final

2018NJ 5A Preliminary

2018NJ Awards Ceremony

2018NJ Compulsory Trick

2018NJ Stage Event

2018SJ 1A Final

2018SJ 1A Preliminary

2018SJ 2A Final

2018SJ 2A Preliminary

2018SJ 3A Final

2018SJ 3A Preliminary

2018SJ 4A Final

2018SJ 4A Preliminary

2018SJ 5A Final

2018SJ 5A Preliminary

2018SJ Awards Ceremony

2018SJ B

2018SJ Compulsory Trick

2018SJ Stage Event

2018WJ 1A Final

2018WJ 1A Preliminary

2018WJ 2A Final

2018WJ 2A Preliminary

2018WJ 3A Final

2018WJ 3A Preliminary

2018WJ 4A Final

2018WJ 4A Preliminary

2018WJ 5A Final

2018WJ 5A Preliminary

2018WJ Awards Ceremony

2018WJ B

2018WJ Compulsory Trick

2018WJ Stage Event

2018CJ 1A Final

2018CJ 1A Preliminary

2018CJ 2A Final

2018CJ 2A Preliminary

2018CJ 3A Final

2018CJ 3A Preliminary

2018CJ 4A Final

2018CJ 4A Preliminary

2018CJ 5A Final

2018CJ 5A Preliminary

2018CJ Awards Ceremony

2018CJ B

2018CJ Compulsory Trick

2018CJ Stage Event


2017JOYC_Final CW Final

2017JOYC_Final CW Preliminary

2017JOYC_Final DL Final

2017JOYC_Final DL Preliminary

2017JOYC_Final DS Final

2017JOYC_Final DS Preliminary

2017JOYC_Final OS Final

2017JOYC_Final OS Preliminary

2017JOYC_Final SS Final

2017JOYC_Final SS Preliminary

2017CSYC 1A

2017CSYC 2A

2017CSYC Challenge

2017CSYC X

2017JN 1A Final

2017JN 1A SemiFinal

2017JN 1A WildCard

2017JN 2A Final

2017JN 2A SemiFinal

2017JN 2A WildCard

2017JN 3A Final

2017JN 3A SemiFinal

2017JN 4A Final

2017JN 4A SemiFinal

2017JN 4A WildCard

2017JN 5A Final

2017JN 5A SemiFinal

2017JN 5A WildCard

2017JN Awards Ceremony

2017JN Compulsory Trick

2017JN International Open Final

2017JN International Open Preliminary

2017JN Over 40

2017JN Team

2017JN Team (2017JL)

2017JN Women

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest 1A

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest 2A

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Adult Class

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Beginner Class

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Commendation & Result

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Diabolo

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Fixed Axel

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Free Performance

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Guest Stage

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Sponsor Stage

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Stage Event

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Women Class

2017Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest X

2017NJ 1A Final

2017NJ 1A Preliminary

2017NJ 2A Final

2017NJ 2A Preliminary

2017NJ 3A Final

2017NJ 3A Preliminary

2017NJ 4A Final

2017NJ 4A Preliminary

2017NJ 5A Final

2017NJ 5A Preliminary

2017NJ B Division

2017NJ Commendation & Result

2017NJ Compulsory Trick

2017NJ Sponsor Stage

2017NJ Team

2017SJ 1A Final

2017SJ 1A Preliminary

2017SJ 2A Final

2017SJ 2A Preliminary

2017SJ 3A Final

2017SJ 3A Preliminary

2017SJ 4A Final

2017SJ 4A Preliminary

2017SJ 5A Final

2017SJ 5A Preliminary

2017SJ B Division

2017WJ 1A Final

2017WJ 1A Preliminary

2017WJ 2A Final

2017WJ 2A Preliminary

2017WJ 3A Final

2017WJ 3A Preliminary

2017WJ 4A Final

2017WJ 4A Preliminary

2017WJ 5A Final

2017WJ 5A Preliminary

2017WJ B Division

2017WJ Commendation & Result

2017WJ Compulsory Trick

2017EJ-A 1A Final

2017EJ-A 1A Preliminary

2017EJ-A 2A Final

2017EJ-A 2A Preliminary

2017EJ-A 3A Final

2017EJ-A 3A Preliminary

2017EJ-A 4A Final

2017EJ-A 4A Preliminary

2017EJ-A 5A Final

2017EJ-A 5A Preliminary

2017EJ-A B Division

2017EJ-A Commendation & Result

2017EJ-A Compulsory Trick

2017EJ-A Team

2017CJ 1A Final

2017CJ 1A Preliminary

2017CJ 2A Final

2017CJ 2A Preliminary

2017CJ 3A Final

2017CJ 3A Preliminary

2017CJ 4A Final

2017CJ 4A Preliminary

2017CJ 5A Final

2017CJ 5A Preliminary

2017CJ B Division

2016THROWDOWN Interview

2016THROWDOWN Preliminary

2016THROWDOWN Stage Event

2016EZONE CW Final

2016EZONE CW Preliminary

2016EZONE Commendation & Result

2016EZONE DL Final

2016EZONE DL Preliminary

2016EZONE DS Final

2016EZONE DS Preliminary

2016EZONE DY Final

2016EZONE DY Preliminary

2016EZONE Opening

2016EZONE SS Final

2016EZONE SS Preliminary

2016EZONE Sponsor Stage

2015EZONE CW Final

2015EZONE CW Preliminary

2015EZONE Commendation & Result

2015EZONE DL Final

2015EZONE DL Preliminary

2015EZONE DS Final

2015EZONE DS Preliminary

2015EZONE DY Final

2015EZONE DY Preliminary

2015EZONE Opening

2015EZONE SS Final

2015EZONE SS Preliminary

2015EZONE Sponsor Stage

2016CSYC 1A

2016CSYC 2A

2016CSYC Challenge

2016CSYC X

2016World 1A Final

2016World 1A Preliminary

2016World 1A SemiFinal

2016World 1A WildCard

2016World 2A Final

2016World 2A Preliminary

2016World 2A SemiFinal

2016World 3A Final

2016World 3A Preliminary

2016World 3A SemiFinal

2016World 4A Final

2016World 4A Preliminary

2016World 4A SemiFinal

2016World 5A Final

2016World 5A Preliminary

2016World 5A SemiFinal

2016World AP Final

2016World Commendation & Result

2016World OVER40

2016World SPINTOP

2016World Sponsor Stage

2016World Stage Event

2016World WOMEN

2016World YoYoSlam

2016AP After Party Bash

2016JN 1A Final

2016JN 1A SemiFinal

2016JN 1A WildCard

2016JN 2A Final

2016JN 2A SemiFinal

2016JN 3A Final

2016JN 3A SemiFinal

2016JN 4A Final

2016JN 4A SemiFinal

2016JN 4A WildCard

2016JN 5A Final

2016JN 5A SemiFinal

2016JN Commendation & Result

2016JN Compulsory

2016JN OVER40

2016JN Sponsor Stage

2016JN Stage Event

2016JN Team


2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest 1A

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest 2A

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Adult Class

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Beginner Class

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Commendation & Result

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Diabolo

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Fixed Axel

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Free Performance

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Guest Stage

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Opening & Closing Ceremony

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Sponsor Stage

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Women Class

2016Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest X

2016WJ 1A Final

2016WJ 1A Preliminary

2016WJ 2A Final

2016WJ 2A Preliminary

2016WJ 3A Final

2016WJ 3A Preliminary

2016WJ 4A Final

2016WJ 4A Preliminary

2016WJ 5A Final

2016WJ 5A Preliminary

2016WJ Commendation & Result

2016NJ 1A Final

2016NJ 1A Preliminary

2016NJ 2A Final

2016NJ 2A Preliminary

2016NJ 3A Final

2016NJ 3A Preliminary

2016NJ 4A Final

2016NJ 4A Preliminary

2016NJ 5A Final

2016NJ 5A Preliminary

2016NJ Commendation & Result

2016EJ-B 1A Final

2016EJ-B 1A Preliminary

2016EJ-B 2A Final

2016EJ-B 2A Preliminary

2016EJ-B 3A Final

2016EJ-B 3A Preliminary

2016EJ-B 4A Final

2016EJ-B 4A Preliminary

2016EJ-B 5A Final

2016EJ-B 5A Preliminary

2016EJ-B Commendation & Result

2015World 1A Final

2015World 1A Preliminary

2015World 1A SemiFinal

2015World 1A WildCard

2015World 2A Final

2015World 2A Preliminary

2015World 2A SemiFinal

2015World 2A WildCard

2015World 3A Final

2015World 3A Preliminary

2015World 3A SemiFinal

2015World 3A WildCard

2015World 4A Final

2015World 4A Preliminary

2015World 4A SemiFinal

2015World 4A WildCard

2015World 5A Final

2015World 5A Preliminary

2015World 5A SemiFinal

2015World 5A WildCard

2015World AP Final

2015World Commendation & Result

2015World Main Stage Event


2015World SPINTOP Final

2015World SPINTOP Preliminary

2015World Sponsor Stage


2015World WOMEN Final

2015World WOMEN Preliminary

2016CJ 1A Final

2016CJ 1A Preliminary

2016CJ 2A Final

2016CJ 2A Preliminary

2016CJ 3A Final

2016CJ 3A Preliminary

2016CJ 4A Final

2016CJ 4A Preliminary

2016CJ 5A Final

2016CJ 5A Preliminary

2016CJ Commendation & Result

2016EJ-A 1A Final

2016EJ-A 1A Preliminary

2016EJ-A 2A Final

2016EJ-A 2A Preliminary

2016EJ-A 3A Final

2016EJ-A 3A Preliminary

2016EJ-A 4A Final

2016EJ-A 4A Preliminary

2016EJ-A 5A Final

2016EJ-A 5A Preliminary

2016EJ-A Commendation & Result

2015SeedREST Vol.1

2015CSYC 1A

2015CSYC 2A

2015CSYC Challenge

2015CSYC X

2015SYYC Commendation & Result

2015SYYC Pro 1A Final

2015SYYC Pro 1A Preliminary

2015SYYC Pro 2A Final

2015SYYC Pro 2A Preliminary

2015SYYC Pro 4A Final

2015SYYC Pro 4A Preliminary

2015SYYC Pro 5A Final

2015SYYC Pro 5A Preliminary

2015SYYC Spinner 1A

2015SYYC Spinner 2A

2015SYYC Spinner 4A

2015SYYC Spinner 5A

2015AP 1A Final

2015AP 1A Preliminary

2015AP 2A Final

2015AP 2A Preliminary

2015AP 3A Final

2015AP 3A Preliminary

2015AP 4A Final

2015AP 4A Preliminary

2015AP 5A Final

2015AP 5A Preliminary

2015AP Alternative Freestyle

2015AP Campion of Campion

2015AP Commendation & Result

2015AP SponsorStage

2015JN 1A Final

2015JN 1A SemiFinal

2015JN 2A Final

2015JN 2A SemiFinal

2015JN 3A Final

2015JN 3A SemiFinal

2015JN 4A Final

2015JN 4A SemiFinal

2015JN 5A Final

2015JN 5A SemiFinal

2015JN Commendation & Result

2015JN Compulsory

2015JN SponsorStage

2015YO-STYLE_in_Tokyo 1A

2015YO-STYLE_in_Tokyo 2A

2015YO-STYLE_in_Tokyo 3A

2015YO-STYLE_in_Tokyo 4A

2015YO-STYLE_in_Tokyo 5A

2015YO-STYLE_in_Tokyo Commendation & Result

2015YO-STYLE_in_Tokyo Demo

2015Nest_Cup All Event

2015Nest_Cup Freestyle

2015EJ-B 1A Final

2015EJ-B 1A Preliminary

2015EJ-B 2A Final

2015EJ-B 2A Preliminary

2015EJ-B 3A Final

2015EJ-B 3A Preliminary

2015EJ-B 4A Final

2015EJ-B 4A Preliminary

2015EJ-B 5A Final

2015EJ-B 5A Preliminary

2015EJ-B Commendation & Result

2015NJ 1A Final

2015NJ 1A Preliminary

2015NJ 2A Final

2015NJ 2A Preliminary

2015NJ 3A Final

2015NJ 3A Preliminary

2015NJ 4A Final

2015NJ 4A Preliminary

2015NJ 5A Final

2015NJ 5A Preliminary

2015NJ Commendation & Result

2015SJ 1A Final

2015SJ 1A Preliminary

2015SJ 2A Final

2015SJ 2A Preliminary

2015SJ 3A Final

2015SJ 3A Preliminary

2015SJ 4A Final

2015SJ 4A Preliminary

2015SJ 5A Final

2015SJ 5A Preliminary

2015SJ Commendation & Result

2015WJ 1A Final

2015WJ 1A Preliminary

2015WJ 2A Final

2015WJ 2A Preliminary

2015WJ 3A Final

2015WJ 3A Preliminary

2015WJ 4A Final

2015WJ 4A Preliminary

2015WJ 5A Final

2015WJ 5A Preliminary

2015WJ Commendation & Result

2015CJ 1A Final

2015CJ 1A Preliminary

2015CJ 2A Final

2015CJ 2A Preliminary

2015CJ 3A Final

2015CJ 3A Preliminary

2015CJ 4A Final

2015CJ 4A Preliminary

2015CJ 5A Final

2015CJ 5A Preliminary

2015CJ Commendation & Result

2015EJ-A 1A Final

2015EJ-A 1A Preliminary

2015EJ-A 2A Final

2015EJ-A 2A Preliminary

2015EJ-A 3A Final

2015EJ-A 3A Preliminary

2015EJ-A 4A Final

2015EJ-A 4A Preliminary

2015EJ-A 5A Final

2015EJ-A 5A Preliminary

2015EJ-A Commendation & Result

2014VNYYC 1A Final

2014VNYYC 2A Final

2014VNYYC 3A Final

2014VNYYC 4A Final

2014VNYYC 5A Final

2014EZONE CW Final

2014EZONE CW Preliminary

2014EZONE Commendation & Result

2014EZONE DL Final

2014EZONE DL Preliminary

2014EZONE DS Final

2014EZONE DS Preliminary

2014EZONE DY Final

2014EZONE DY Preliminary

2014EZONE Opening

2014EZONE SS Final

2014EZONE SS Preliminary

2014EZONE Sponsor Stage

2014MYYB 1A Final

2014MYYB 4A Final

2014MYYB 5A Final

2014CSYC 1A

2014CSYC 2A

2014CSYC Beginner

2014CSYC Commendation & Result

2014CSYC Demo & Fan Event

2014CSYC X

2014yo-style 1A Final

2014yo-style 1A Preliminary

2014yo-style 2A Final

2014yo-style 2A Preliminary

2014yo-style Commendation & Result

2014yo-style Demo & Fan Event

2014yo-style X Final

2014yo-style X Preliminary

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest 1A

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest 2A

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Adult Class

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Beginner Class

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Commendation & Result

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Diabolo

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Dotera Cup in HamaCon

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Fixed Axel

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Free Performance

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Guest Stage

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Opening & Ending Ceremony

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest Sponsor Stage

2014Hamamatsu_Yo-Yo_Contest X

2011World 1A Final

2011World 1A Preliminary Group A

2011World 1A Preliminary Group B

2011World 1A Preliminary Group C

2011World 1A Semi Final

2011World 2A Final

2011World 2A Preliminary

2011World 3A Final

2011World 3A Preliminary

2011World 4A Final

2011World 4A Preliminary

2011World 5A Final

2011World 5A Preliminary

2011World AP Final

2011World Hi-Speed

2012SYYC Commendation & Result

2012SYYC Pro 1A Final

2012SYYC Pro 1A Preliminary

2012SYYC Pro 2A Final

2012SYYC Pro 2A Preliminary

2012SYYC Pro 4A Final

2012SYYC Pro 4A Preliminary

2012SYYC Pro 5A Final

2012SYYC Pro 5A Preliminary

2012SYYC Spinner 1A

2012SYYC Spinner 2A

2012SYYC Spinner 4A

2012SYYC Spinner 5A

2012AP 1A Final

2012AP 1A Preliminary

2012AP 2A Final

2012AP 2A Preliminary

2012AP 3A Final

2012AP 3A Preliminary

2012AP 4A Final

2012AP 4A Preliminary

2012AP 5A Final

2012AP 5A Preliminary

2012AP Campion of Campion

2012AP Commendation & Result

2012AP Demo & Fan Event

2014EJ-B 1A Final

2014EJ-B 1A Preliminary

2014EJ-B 2A Final

2014EJ-B 2A Preliminary

2014EJ-B 3A Final

2014EJ-B 3A Preliminary

2014EJ-B 4A Final

2014EJ-B 4A Preliminary

2014EJ-B 5A Final

2014EJ-B 5A Preliminary

2014EJ-B Commendation & Result

2014CJ 1A Final

2014CJ 1A Preliminary

2014CJ 2A Final

2014CJ 2A Preliminary

2014CJ 3A Final

2014CJ 3A Preliminary

2014CJ 4A Final

2014CJ 4A Preliminary

2014CJ 5A Final

2014CJ 5A Preliminary

2014CJ Commendation & Result

2014NJ 1A Final

2014NJ 1A Preliminary

2014NJ 2A Final

2014NJ 2A Preliminary

2014NJ 3A Final

2014NJ 3A Preliminary

2014NJ 4A Final

2014NJ 4A Preliminary

2014NJ 5A Final

2014NJ 5A Preliminary

2014NJ Commendation & Result

2014SJ 1A Final

2014SJ 1A Preliminary

2014SJ 2A Final

2014SJ 2A Preliminary

2014SJ 3A Final

2014SJ 3A Preliminary

2014SJ 4A Final

2014SJ 4A Preliminary

2014SJ 5A Final

2014SJ 5A Preliminary

2014SJ Commendation & Result

2014WJ 1A Final

2014WJ 1A Preliminary

2014WJ 2A Final

2014WJ 2A Preliminary

2014WJ 3A Final

2014WJ 3A Preliminary

2014WJ 4A Final

2014WJ 4A Preliminary

2014WJ 5A Final

2014WJ 5A Preliminary

2014WJ Commendation & Result

2014World 1A Final

2014World 1A Preliminary

2014World 1A SemiFinal

2014World 1A Wild Card

2014World 1A Woman Final

2014World 2A Final

2014World 2A Preliminary

2014World 3A Final

2014World 3A Preliminary

2014World 4A Final

2014World 4A Preliminary

2014World 5A Final

2014World 5A Preliminary

2014World AP Final

2014World Commendation & Result

2014World Demo & Fan Event

2014World Spintop Freestyle

2014IYYC 1A Final

2014IYYC 1A Preliminary

2014IYYC 2A Final

2014IYYC 3A Final

2014IYYC 4A Final

2014IYYC 5A Final

2014IYYC Commendation & Result

2014IYYC Demo & Fan Event

2014SYYC Commendation & Result

2014SYYC Pro 1A Final

2014SYYC Pro 1A Preliminary

2014SYYC Pro 2A Final

2014SYYC Pro 2A Preliminary

2014SYYC Pro 4A Final

2014SYYC Pro 4A Preliminary

2014SYYC Pro 5A Final

2014SYYC Pro 5A Preliminary

2014SYYC Spinner 1A

2014SYYC Spinner 2A

2014SYYC Spinner 4A

2014SYYC Spinner 5A

2014AP 1A Final

2014AP 1A Preliminary

2014AP 2A Final

2014AP 2A Preliminary

2014AP 3A Final

2014AP 3A Preliminary

2014AP 4A Final

2014AP 4A Preliminary

2014AP 5A Final

2014AP 5A Preliminary

2014AP Alternative Freestyle

2014AP Campion of Campion

2014AP Commendation & Result

2014AP SponsorStage

2014AP Top View

2014JN 1A Final

2014JN 1A SemiFinal

2014JN 2A Final

2014JN 2A SemiFinal

2014JN 3A Final

2014JN 3A SemiFinal

2014JN 4A Final

2014JN 4A SemiFinal

2014JN 5A Final

2014JN 5A SemiFinal

2014JN Commendation & Result

2014JN SponsorStage

2014YYRFC 1A

2014YYRFC Opening & Other


2014EJ-A 1A Final

2014EJ-A 1A Preliminary

2014EJ-A 2A Final

2014EJ-A 2A Preliminary

2014EJ-A 3A Final

2014EJ-A 3A Preliminary

2014EJ-A 4A Final

2014EJ-A 4A Preliminary

2014EJ-A 5A Final

2014EJ-A 5A Preliminary

2013EZONE CW Final

2013EZONE CW Preliminary

2013EZONE DL Final

2013EZONE DL Preliminary

2013EZONE DS Final

2013EZONE DS Preliminary

2013EZONE DY Final

2013EZONE DY Preliminary

2013EZONE Opening

2013EZONE Result & Commendation

2013EZONE SS Final

2013EZONE SS Preliminary

2013EZONE Sponsor Stage

2013yo-style_kyusyu 1A Final

2013yo-style_kyusyu 1A Preliminary

2013yo-style_kyusyu 2A Final

2013yo-style_kyusyu 2A Preliminary

2013yo-style_kyusyu Commendation & Result

2013yo-style_kyusyu Demo

2013yo-style_kyusyu Fan Event

2013yo-style_kyusyu V

2013yo-style_kyusyu X Final

2013yo-style_kyusyu X Preliminary

2012World 1A Final

2012World 1A Preliminary Group A

2012World 1A Preliminary Group B

2012World 1A Preliminary Group C

2012World 1A Semi Final

2012World 2A Final

2012World 2A Preliminary

2012World 3A Final

2012World 3A Preliminary

2012World 4A Final

2012World 4A Preliminary

2012World 5A Final

2012World 5A Preliminary

2012World AP Final

2012World Alternative Freestyle

2012World Commendation & Result

2012World Diabolo Freestyle

2012World Spintop Freestyle

2013EYYC 1A Final

2013EYYC 1A Open

2013EYYC 1A Preliminary Group A

2013EYYC 1A Preliminary Group B

2013EYYC 1A Preliminary Group C

2013EYYC 1A Preliminary Group D

2013EYYC 1A Preliminary Group E

2013EYYC 1A Woman Final

2013EYYC 2A Final

2013EYYC 3A Final

2013EYYC 4A Final

2013EYYC 5A Final

2013EYYC AERO-YO Machete Battle

2013EYYC AP Final

2013EYYC Commendation

2013EYYC Demo

2013EYYC Fan Event

2013EYYC SpinTop Final

2013SYYC Commendation & Result

2013SYYC Pro 1A Final

2013SYYC Pro 1A Preliminary

2013SYYC Pro 2A Final

2013SYYC Pro 2A Preliminary

2013SYYC Pro 4A Final

2013SYYC Pro 4A Preliminary

2013SYYC Pro 5A Final

2013SYYC Pro 5A Preliminary

2013SYYC Spinner 1A

2013SYYC Spinner 2A

2013SYYC Spinner 4A

2013SYYC Spinner 5A

2013SYYC Spinner Commendation & Result

2013AP 1A Final

2013AP 1A Preliminary

2013AP 2A Final

2013AP 2A Preliminary

2013AP 3A Final

2013AP 3A Preliminary

2013AP 4A Final

2013AP 4A Preliminary

2013AP 5A Final

2013AP 5A Preliminary

2013AP Champion of Champion

2013AP Commendation & Result

2013AP Other Event

2013World 1A Final

2013World 1A Preliminary Group A

2013World 1A Preliminary Group B

2013World 1A Preliminary Group C

2013World 1A Semi Final

2013World 2A Final

2013World 2A Preliminary

2013World 3A Final

2013World 3A Preliminary

2013World 4A Final

2013World 4A Preliminary

2013World 5A Final

2013World 5A Preliminary

2013World AP Final

2013World Commendation

2013World Diabolo Freestyle

2013World Kendama Contest

2013World Spintop Freestyle